Electing your County Judge is very much an interview process - in essence, you are hiring a CEO to manage a $40M business. You, the people, will select an individual to represent the people, coordinate with the cities, manage the road systems and structure, manage the jail system, manage the budget, and be an ethical, visionary, servant leader. This individual must fight for you, and this individual must know how to get results. As you make this selection, ask yourself this question: who do you want to pay $90k or more, plus benefits, to manage your $40M business?

Education & Experience  
  • B.S. in Business Administration: Economics, minor in Public Administration (Summa Cum Laude), Liberty University

  • MBA: Leadership (High Distinction), Liberty University 

  • Graduate Certificate (Yale University)

  • Started, built, and sold Legal Landscaping, LLC

  • Director of Business Development, Beaman Capital Group

  • Director of Business Development/Owner - Merchant Masters

  • President - The McGraw Council 

  • Heath City Council

  • Rockwall County GOP Get Out The Vote Chair

  • Royse City Chamber of Commerce Chair-Elect

Education & Experience 
  • Mesquite High School

  • Territory Manager - Coca-Cola

  • District Sales Manager - Bimbo Bakeries 

  • Rockwall City Council/Mayor

  • Rockwall County Judge

Promises & Results 
  • Bring a true vision to Rockwall County

  • Bring a real county-wide fire program

  • Bring a true marketing & communication strategy

  • Bring a strong evaluation of our county elected official compensation programs 

  • Bring an improved talent acquisition and retention program 

  • Most Republican votes in Rockwall County history as GOTV Chair in 2020 general election - Rockwall County peaked at 37,584 Republican votes and had 22,561 more votes than the Democrat in that race (read more here)

  • Lowered taxes in Heath consistently - before John won his election, the city tax rate was $0.417311 per $100 (read more here), and in 2021-2022, the tax rate was $0.339307 per $100 after John served two terms (read more here)

  • Achieved a 5-star rating on Home Advisor for Legal Landscaping, LLC in 2015 prior to selling

  • Grew two additional businesses in the Rockwall area (Merchant Masters and The McGraw Council) 

  • Kept campaign promises for conservative financial management and development in Heath 

  • First year on Heath City Council, brought forth a long-term police and fire protection plan - read more here

  • Voted for and supported cash-funded programs rather than jumping straight to debt via bond issuance 

Promises & Results 
  • As Judge, put a vote to raise salaries on the agenda rather than ask the citizens - read more here

  • Went through three county health advisors in less than one year (two of them quit) - read more here

  • No promised outcomes or results

  • No real plan or vision for the future

  • In August 2021, he voted to fund an emergency management endeavor with more than $300,000 with County funds without a public quote/proposal process, only to vote a few days later to undo the original vote because it did not appear to be a legal vote - read more here

  • In August 2021, he gave the citizens less than a month to review the budget, a process most cities give citizens three or four months to review

John knows how to win in the private sector and in the public sector, and now he wants to devote his efforts to the people of Rockwall County so we can achieve our greatest potential together!  ​