Let's do a quick role play to simplify things... you are hiring someone to run your business and you are interviewing them for the job. If you knew this person voted to give himself more money by taking it from others, had run-ins with the law, and cheated on his wife with multiple women, would you want that man working as your business leader, more or less your county judge? The answer would be not only no, but never in a hundred years no! Unfortunately, that man is David Sweet - he has done all of these things. 

  • Arrested on suspicion of DWI
  • Cheated on his wife
  • Voted to raise his own salary 

Your county judge should be a man of character, integrity, and a good leader. Someone who commits the above wrongdoings is no leader, more or less someone to be trusted with the people's money and resources. David Sweet cannot be trusted - he broke the most sacred vow he made to his wife by cheating on her and then divorcing her, he stole from the people by voting to raise his own salary and not seeking public input, and he has been arrested for suspicion of DWI. This is not who Rockwall County deserves - we the people deserve better than this. 

Vote for character, vote for integrity, vote for John Beaman for Rockwall County Judge!