This is a Republican primary... we are voting for a true Republican who will uphold our platform and represent the people of Rockwall County. Unfortunately, not every candidate can claim to a true conservative Republican. Sadly, some of Frank New's most vocal supporters are active members in the Rockwall Democratic Party, as you can see above. This is Rockwall - we need a true conservative Republican in offce! 

  • Skipped GOP-hosted forum in 2017
  • Endorsed by liberal Democrats
  • Supports bigger government 

Our county judge needs to be a proven Republican, one who stands for our principles of freedom and limited government. Frank New does not share this same opinion; his solution is to grow the government and he has the Democratic support to prove it. Members of the Rockwall Democratic Party publicly support Frank New because he shares too many similar opinions with them.

Vote for a real Republican, vote for conservatism, vote for John Beaman for Rockwall County Judge!