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We all want the best for Rockwall County - that's why we're so passionate about our community! But, we will not fulfill our fullest potential if we just wait for things to happen; here is how I plan on ensuring our shared vision becomes our shared reality! 



This is our end goal, our shared community vision: to be the premiere example of good government, one that defends our constitutional rights, protects our high quality of living, and strengthens our local economy. We will accomplish this by using our Judeo-Christian principles to maintain a fiscally conservative and responsible budget, improving our public communications, and enhancing our coordination with the governing bodies in Rockwall County. This is the legacy we will leave behind for our children! Here is how we make that happen....  


In the City of Heath, we use what we call the "equivalent rate" for setting our tax rate, and I want to bring that to Rockwall County. Here's how it works: we have property taxes from homeowners last year and we adjust the rate to align with appraisals - if a homeowner paid $100 in taxes last year, we want that homeowner to pay $100 this year. Then, there will be new growth and other funding sources that add to that value, so the budget will grow but in a responsible way. Restated, we set the rate to adjust for changes in appraisal values. This strategy keeps property taxes consistent, provides for a growing community, and meets the budgetary needs of our county. This is the approach I plan to bring to Rockwall County. 

As of now, we use the rate as the benchmark but the problem with this method is that our tax dollars paid can continually rise while we are told the rate was lowered. As an example, if your appraisal increases 10% but the tax rate is lowered 5%, you will be told you received a tax rate cut. Yes, the tax rate was cut, but we taxpayers still pay 5% more than we did last year. Using the equivalent rate as our benchmark increases our transparency and uses the actual tax dollars paid as the benchmark. This is much more effective for us than merely relying on the tax rate as the only benchmark. 

We must also start using financial forecasts because this will help us plan more effectively and efficiently. Using financial forecasts will help us plan for capital expenses, future growth, and our final buildout as a community. Yes, such a forecast does not guarantee the decisions of future elected officials but failing to plan is planning to fail. We must implement multi-year forecasts and, as chief budget officer of the county, this is the duty of the county judge. 


We need to have a consistent marketing/communication plan, and we need to use modern technology to assist. Upon taking office, I will review our current resources and bring forth a plan that keeps citizens updated and aware of the latest happenings related to the county. Moreover, I will ensure that such information is easily accessible for those who cannot attend the regularly scheduled commissioner court meetings. All of this is possible through things like effective social media management, the use of QR codes, and regularly scheduled live/recorded video updates. I will bring forth a solution that includes these things with established timelines, schedules, content plans, and so forth so the community can know what to expect, where to access the information, how to access the information, and do so very easily. ​

Let me give you a brief example: we should have a clear plan for emergencies, regular and daily activities, and unusual activities with a clear plan of who is responsible for the operations of it, who is responsible for the messaging, and when the messaging is delivered. This way, the community will know what to expect, when to expect it, and how to access it. With the addition of some modern technology, this will be very helpful for our community! This is the type of clarity, vision, and communication I want to bring to Rockwall County! 

The below outline highlights a few key components but there is one specific component that is of particular importance to me and, from what I hear by speaking to residents, our community as well. Our county court meets regularly at 9am on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month but this is incredibly difficult for most people to attend; I have personally spoken with so many people who wish to attend but simply cannot due to their work schedules. Here are two implementations we can use to solve this issue: quarterly town halls, and a monthly live and/or recorded video addressing specific concerns by constituents. Not only does this keep the community engaged but also helps direct our attention to resolving specific concerns.  


A true marketing and communication plan does not stop at merely stating information but it should rather lead to action; a good communication plan leads to action, results, and solutions. With this communication plan, we will increase community engagement, increase transparency, and ensure accountability. These are all good things, things that will help us fulfill our vision… a vision our community shares, one that will allow us to leave behind a legacy of freedom and prosperity for our children! Below you will find the outline to my communication plan but first I would personally like to thank a few of the many individuals who are supporting my campaign publicly:

Here is an outline of the plan I will bring forth to the county:

  1. Establish key target audiences

    1. Taxpayers

    2. Elected officials

    3. Internal staff

    4. External staff

    5. Key representatives

  2. Categorize communications by level of urgency

    1. Day-to-day

    2. Regular

    3. Semi-regular

    4. Irregular

    5. Emergency

  3. Standardize the delivery of communication  

    1. Traditional communication

    2. Social media

    3. Direct communication (text and email)

    4. Live and recorded video communication

    5. Town hall communication

  4. Establish more opportunities for direct communication with the people

    1. Establish quarterly town hall meetings

    2. Establish monthly updates utilizing digital technology

    3. Establish regular updates and meetings with key stakeholders to coordinate efforts

    4. Clarify emergency communication protocols

  5. Establish standard procedures for messaging (SOPs) to verify messaging is factual, accurate, and timely

    1. Verify and include supporting data

    2. Ensure communication is honest and transparent

    3. Establish communications schedule


Each city in Rockwall County has its own jurisdiction - the county has no authority over many issues that cities address. However, with proper coordination, cities can work together to accomplish the shared goals each of us have - a safe, thriving community we can all call home. If we collaborate and work together, we can enhance our integration and reach our goals. I will improve our coordination by establishing regular meetings individually and collectively with the governing entities to ensure we all work together when and where possible. The late David Magness helped accomplish much in this area for the roads of Rockwall County, and I would like to expand that same idea to other areas, such as law enforcement, infrastructure, and state legislation.


Let me give you one brief example. Remember our discussion on the county-wide fire program? Well, that cannot happen without city coordination. If we work together, however, not only can we improve the effectiveness of our fire programs, but we can also improve its efficiency and reduce the total cost to the taxpayers. When we work together in a coordinated fashion, we can and will accomplish our vision - we will become the best we can be! 


If you read my PLATFORM page, you know where I stand on important political issues. Let me give you one very clear and important way we can implement these values into Rockwall County: we can ensure that none of our funding (such as vendor payments) goes to any provider that supports anti-life policies or programs in Texas, anti-constitutional rights groups, and/or any leftist/Marxist/socialist advocacy. By implementing this policy, we will further protect our rights and community from any adverse external force in the budgetary process. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my plan and remember to vote John Beaman for Rockwall County Judge!