If you are reading this far into the website, you are probably already very curious or very supportive - both of which are absolutely wonderful! You probably read my platform and thought, "that's actually pretty good - I like it; but is there more?" That would be a fantastic question, so let me answer by first saying yes, there is more, and then allow me to elaborate below...



As you look at my background and my opponent's background, which you can find right here, I want to bring something to your attention: the difference between action and results. When you look at my resume, you will see concrete, measurable results. You will see specific actions that lead to clear results. When you look at my opponent's resume, you will see a lot of action, but very few deliverables. If you were to ask, what was the result of your role at XZY, I can deliver clear, concise, and direct answers - this is because my actions led to results. This is the attitude and dedication that I want to bring to Rockwall County.  


The only time a lawsuit has been filed against me personally is when a developer filed suit against the City of Heath and named me on the lawsuit. Never at any point did I flinch - I stood up for the people of Heath knowing what was coming their way if I did not stand up for them. It was the right decision for my community in Heath, so it was a very simple decision. The last time my opponent was involved in a lawsuit was when a developer filed suit against the county; sadly, what started out as a development of 200 homes turned into a development of over 400 homes. Not only did the county have to settle, but somehow it settled for a worse deal. As your county judge, I will stand for what's right and I will stand for you, even when threatened. 


We the people are selecting a leader to manage our county government, and part of that process is asking relevant and practical questions. Throughout this campaign, I have received many direct questions. However, I now have a question for you: when asked a question, have you noticed how I give direct answers? I don't talk around the question but rather give a direct answer. We the people deserve honest, straightforward answers when we the people ask honest, straightforward questions; when we ask our representation a legitimate question, we should get a legitimate answer. Even when the answer might not be what everyone wants to hear, even when the answer is not good news, leaders have an obligation to remain honest and direct, especially with those who entrusted him/her with that role. As your county judge, I will always give you honest, direct answers, and I will lead our county for the betterment of our stakeholders: WE THE PEOPLE. 


It is an absolute honor to even have your consideration for this very important position, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn your support. I humbly and earnestly ask for your vote and support in this election; we are at a pivotal moment in our history, and together we will build and sustain a legacy and community for our children! Once again, I thank you for this opportunity, and remember to VOTE JOHN BEAMAN FOR ROCKWALL COUNTY JUDGE in the 2022 spring primaries!