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Servant Leadership, Tangible Results, Forward-Thinking

John Beaman moved to Heath in 2011 and began to serve and give back almost immediately. Even while earning his college and master degrees, John made sure to give back to the community he loves. He served on the Board of Adjustment and as Precinct Chair before running for City Council and being asked to serve as Get Out The Vote Chair for the Rockwall GOP. 

John serves his community in various roles and continuously looks to help others. During his tenure on Heath City Council, John voted to uphold the citizens' desires by approving the Comprehensive Plan in 2018, consistently voted to lower taxes, and was/is always available to meet and serve the community. Additionally, John continually supported the Department of Public Safety, consistently voting to increase their budget and provide them the resources they need. Moreover, John voted to approve supporting the small business community when the COVID-19 shutdowns went into effect when the City of Heath used sales tax dollars to support our local businesses, a strategy that our community loved and that worked very well. 

Professionally, John has ownership in one small business, Merchant Masters, and manages another small business, The McGraw Council, that helps small businesses achieve their American Dream by implementing proper structure and good management. In less than a year, he helped service 1,100 clients and delivered resources to over 1,600 small businesses nationwide. Prior to working for The McGraw Council, John worked for a private equity firm where he started, built, and sold one of the portfolio holdings, Legal Landscaping, LLC. 

John is married to his beautiful wife, Nicole, and they attend Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall and plan to raise their future children in Rockwall County. They strive to become better Christians each day, seeking to grow and share the Gospel to glorify God. John and Nicole both accepted Jesus Christ at young ages and both were baptized a few years later. 

When John is not serving his community or helping small business owners, you can find him in the gym in the early hours of the morning or shooting guns at the gun range. 


  • Consistently voted to lower taxes in Heath

  • Upheld the city's comprehensive plan, built by the residents

  • Kept campaign promises from 2018 and 2020

  • In 2020 John as GOTV Chair, Rockwall County had the most Republican votes in its history and Republicans beat the Democrats by the most votes in Rockwall's history 

  • Successfully raised well over $2,000 for the Rockwall Children's Advocacy Center 

  • Started, built, and sold Legal Landscaping, LLC in 2014-2015

  • Helped build Merchant Masters book value to $30M 

  • Helped build The McGraw Council to over 700 clients in in 17 different states in less than one year

  • Read my "Platform" page to see what promises I will deliver for the people of Rockwall County! 


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration : Economics, minor in Public Administration from Liberty University (Summa Cum Laude honors)

  • MBA: Leadership from Liberty University (High Distinction honors)

  • Graduate Certificate from Yale University

  • Legal Landscaping, LLC - Managing Director 

  • Merchant Masters - Director/Owner

  • The McGraw Council - President

  • Blue Tie Guy for the Rockwall Children's Advocacy Center 

  • Sherman Sparks Award in 2018

  • Leadership Rockwall Class of 2018

  • Get Out The Vote Chair for the Rockwall GOP

  • Vice Chair on the Royse City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • Heath City Council, Place 5

John, Nicole, Ollie, and Sasha
John, Nicole, Ollie, and Sasha

John and Nicole Beaman with their fur babies Ollie (Aussie mix) and Sasha (Collie)

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The Beaman Family
The Beaman Family

John, Nicole, Ollie, and Sasha in the 2021 Rockwall Christmas parade!

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Gun Range
Gun Range

Shooting at the range with a Henry Golden Boy .45

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John, Nicole, Ollie, and Sasha
John, Nicole, Ollie, and Sasha

John and Nicole Beaman with their fur babies Ollie (Aussie mix) and Sasha (Collie)

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