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The County Judge is an executive position that works similarly to a city manager and mayor; it is the chief executive officer of the county government, with the main roles relating to roads, the jail system, the budget, emergency management, and coordinating efforts with other governing bodies. For Rockwall County specifically, we are incredibly blessed with an extraordinarily unique place and absolutely amazing people! However, with the rate at which we are growing, we also face unique challenges. There are some very pragmatic solutions we can implement to achieve our vision of fulfilling our potential as a county! To achieve our potential, vote for John Beaman for Rockwall County Judge! 



The Roman philosopher Seneca once said, "No wind is favorable if one does not know to which port he is sailing." That quote still holds true today. Right now, if we asked where are we going as a county or why a project completion is so important, the answer would be frighteningly vague. We need a crystal clear vision for our future. I believe we can all rally behind a vision that paints Rockwall County as the Christian Conservative bastion of hope, a county that lives to be the example of good governance that protects our rights, facilitates and encourages a high quality of life, and truly advocates for and promotes a thriving economy. We can achieve this vision, but we must act on specific things, which are listed below. 


Yes, each city is its own jurisdiction. However, the county can dramatically increase and improve coordination to take our community into the next generation. Let me give you one example of what that looks like...


Right now, each municipality is responsible for managing fire protection. However, due to state laws, this means two neighboring cities can, and likely will, need to build fire departments right across the street from each other. The result? Wasted tax dollars. The county government can step in to manage this so we better maximize our citizens' tax dollars, and we must do it now. This should have been done years ago, but now is the second best time. I will bring forth a plan to evaluate the merits of such a program and, if effective and efficient, will work to pass it. This will potentially save us taxpayers millions of dollars, plus interest - let's not let this opportunity go to waste! This is the type of city coordination that can dramatically help the residents of Rockwall County, and this is why I am so excited for opportunities like this! 


During the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2021 "Snowpocalypse," communication was inconsistent and too often inaccurate. Rockwall County is, in essence, a $40M business, and such a business needs a true marketing/communication plan. I will present such a plan to our residents and implement it while also using modern technology to make it easier for our residents to stay connected and in touch. 

Speaking of budgets, I would like to use a methodology that has proven to work, using what we call in Heath the "equivalent tax rate." We are all aware of rising tax appraisals as well as the speed at which they rise. In Heath, we used a formula that adjusts the tax rate to compensate for tax appraisal increases. This is what I want to bring to Rockwall County. Not only does it work well in the "revenue" side of the equation, but it also helps control spending by essentially establishing a policy limit on expenditures to maintain a good budget. This is the philosophy that I want to bring to Rockwall County - true fiscal responsibility! 


Additionally, our budget process at the county level is too vague. In the FY 2021-2022 budget, for example, the County Judge made the budget available to the court and people for the first time only in August, about one month before passing it. In the City of Heath, we made our first public workshops and budget information available back in May and June. Again, I want to bring the transparency that we have in Heath up to Rockwall County. I will make sure we begin this process in May and June to give the public the best opportunity to see where we are spending our tax dollars.


Furthermore, we all remember the salary-raise debacle a few years ago. The current county judge put it on the agenda and even the liberal Dallas Morning News noted how inappropriate it was. Unfortunately, that was not the last financial blunder. This past summer, our county judge seconded a motion to fund an emergency management endeavor only to find out after voting that doing so was not allowed, so they voted a few days later in an attempt to undo the original vote. As the county's chief budget officer, the county judge should know which funding mechanisms can be used and when they can be used. Sadly, this is not the case. As county judge, I will increase our county government's transparency, improve our financial efficiency, and work to end such financial management errors. 


A true Texan campaign would not be complete without addressing a few key issues of our time! Here a few promises to you where I stand:

  • Prolife to the core: life begins at conception and ends at natural death, and it must be protected. 

  • Pro Second Amendment: we, the people, have the right to bear arms; it is an essential constitutional right. I personally own multiple firearms and am proud of it.

  • Fiscal conservative: as my record shows on City Council, I believe in low taxes, free markets, and individual responsibility. 

  • Traditional marriage: marriage is between one man and one woman - period. 

  • Election integrity: I absolutely support election integrity, and it is something that we must watch closely locally as it is imperative to a truly free society. 

If an issue that is important to you was not listed here, send me a message and I would be happy to chat with you! Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and remember to vote John Beaman for Rockwall County Judge!